Dawsonville Moonshine Distillery is a legal moonshine distillery, located in the heart of “The Moonshine Capital of the World” – Dawsonville, GA. Where else would you find a legal distillery besides under the same roof as City Hall and the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame? …Only in Dawsonville!

Our traditional recipes are from over 150 years ago, which have been passed down to Simmie from many generations then into the hands of his grand-daughter Cheryl Wood. We currently operate under Free Spirits Distillery- a nod to Wood’s grandfather, Simmie Free, and the other free spirited moonshiners of the Appalachians.

Now with Bill Elliott on board he says, “It’s your time to shine!” Bill Elliott, Motorsports Hall of Fame Inductee and 16-time winner of NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver Award now has his own line of Moonshine.

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               Simmie Free                                                      Dwight “Punch” Bearden



Not just anyone can make these authentic “old timey” recipes come to life.  We can’t call him our “master distiller”, but our BACK WOODS distiller, Dwight “Punch” Bearden is a fourth generation distiller right here from Dawsonville!  We dragged him out of the woods to show everyone what it takes to make the real stuff.